Flex Teleprompter Features

Engineered for pros, the Flex Teleprompter is our more affordable option!
It may not be as flexible as our ProLine, but it's just as pro!

Learn about the Flex features below or just start shopping. Designed and assembled in the USA with prime American-made beamsplitter glass.

Rotate and Zoom Flex

Engineered for Pros

Flex vs ProLine

FLEX Teleprompters are our more affordable professional teleprompters for the price-conscious consumer. They're solid, well built, easy to assemble yet less expensive than other teleprompters on the market. FLEX teleprompters have the same reversing monitor feature as the Proline teleprompters; but don't have the ProLine's variable height and angle beamsplitter. FLEX telepromtpers are slightly lighter in weight than the Proline series, but uses the same durable custom extrusion. The ProLine and FLEX hardware is modular and can work with any size monitor, from iPad to our 16:9 format 24 inch.

Reversing Monitors

Self-reversing monitors reverse the text so you don't have to. Non-reversing, (Standard), monitors present the text in a normal fashion which means you have to go through complicated steps to get the text on the screen to show in reverse. Without the text being reversed on the monitor, the text will show backwards for the reader. At Prompter People, each FLEX Teleprompter comes with a reversing monitor – a feature that does not come with most other teleprompters in the business. This saves time and money on any shoot. You get affordability, but you also get high class!

iPad to 24 Inch Monitors

The FLEX series of affordable teleprompters allow for interchangeability of glass and monitor sizes. From the inexpensive and easy to use iPad systems, to the largest, easy to read 24 inch monitors. Whichever one works the best for your needs, is the one we will can make happen for you right away. Each monitor size works best with a specific glass size. So find the best monitor for your situation. Use this chart to aid in your selection.

60/40 Glass is Better

The entire purpose of a teleprompter is for the announcer or viewer to have an easy way to read text. Clean, clear and BRIGHT. 60/40 glass will reflect 40 percent of the monitor image back to the viewer. Allowing for a crisper, cleaner, BRIGHTER, easier to read image. Other Teleprompters will only reflect back 30% of the image, so the viewer may have a more difficult time reading the text. In our opinion, the companies that say 70/30 glass is better, are simply wrong. However, if you request 70/30 glass, we can make it available to you.

Studio Glass

Trapezoidal, or Studio Glass, has been specifically designed and used for years in TV studio productions. The outward sloping angle of the glass allows for off-zxis viewing by multiple talent, like 2 or 3 people on a news set. When anchors or speakers are turning from one camera to another, the trapezoidal glass can give the camera a better angle without having to be perfectly square to the viewer. At Prompter People, it's always about making the best product for the right user.

Freestand Option

There are certain times / productions, where you need your Teleprompter to be mounted on a separate stand from the camera tripod. For instance, when you need to keep the studio and glass set-up in exactly the same position, but you want to take the camera on a location shoot. That's when our Freestand option works best. And our FLEX series can easily be adapted for this purpose. Just ask for the Freestand option - one of the many possible options with PrompterPeople Teleprompters.

Easy Assembly

No need to break out a set of tools, or plan on an hour of set-up. No tools needed at all. No complicated instructions to read for setting up the glass and rail system. We have made our prompters as easy and solid to use as possible. That way you can focus on the task at hand.