UltraLight 10" iPAD Teleprompter Left Angled

UltraLight iPad 10" Affordable Teleprompter

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    iPad and iPad app not included. Multiple Teleprompting apps are available on the App Store, due to apple polices apps must be purchased from the app store (UL-iPad).

    10" and 8" monitor based UltraLight models include our professional FlipQ Software for Mac or PC, for Free! ($200 Value)

    The UltraLight iPAD teleprompter compact and sets up quickly with tool-less control of camera position and includes a Bluetooth wireless keyboard remote. Our iCUE prompting app is available from the app store. Self-contained prompting with no need to connect to a laptop.

    • Fast, easy setup
    • Supports any size camera including DSLRs, palmcorders and compact HD cameras
    • Easily readable to over 10 feet
    • Universal bracket fits all iPADs and most tablets over 7” - 12.9".
    • Includes tripod adapter mount for easy mount to your tripod
    • Durable lightweight aluminum hardware
    • Auto-Reversing and HighBright monitors come with a FREE License of our Popular Flip-Q Software for Mac and PC



    • 8" / 10" diagonal 
    • Built-in reversing
    • VGA, HDMI composite inputs for Regular 400 NIT
    • LED backlit 
    • AC adapter included, battery operable
    • When using PrompterPeople Auto-Reversing monitors, you will not need to use the Flip Function in the flip Q Software.
    • When using a 3rd Party monitor you may need to use the Flip Function in the Flip Q Software


    Soft Case / Travel Kits

    1. UltraLight Teleprompter does not come with a Case
    2. Ultralight Soft Cases are available for an upgrade
    3. Flight Cases (Hard Cases) are an upgrade



    Partial Product Highlights

    The UltraLight iPAD is a compact, rugged affordable teleprompter for use with DSLR’s and compact HD cameras. It’s design utilizes custom aluminum extrusions for high strength, featuring lightweight and tool-less setup and operation. The unique design offers perfect balance for any size camera - from DSLR’s and palmcorders to HD cameras. The universal iPAD bracket fits all models of iPADs and many Droid tablets.


    • 65/35 is standard, 70/30 available as a no-cost option
    • Beamsplitter size 10" by 10"
    • Ultra clear, low-iron glass eliminates color shift
    • Anti-reflection coatings prevent glass reflections Dimensions/weight
    • 4.5 LBS
    • Tool-less design
    • Camera position adjustable
    • Universal iPAD bracket (iPad Model Exclusive)
    • 10" 400 Nit Auto Reversing Monitor 
    • 8" 400 Nit Auto Reversing Monitor
    • Tripod adapter plate for easy tripod mount Upgradability
    • 10.4” monitor available for use with Laptops
    • iCUE and iCUE Remote available on the app store
    • Bluetooth controller included for iCUE



    Universally and Easily adjust to fit any size iPad, Surface, and Tablets up to 12.9" in display size.




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    1. Best affordable teleprompter

      Purchased this teleprompter last year and it's been great. I use it for YouTube videos and sometimes I get corporate shoots but I have one of their ProLine Plus models for those shoots. on 19th Aug 2019

    2. Exceeded expectations and fits an iPad Pro easily

      So glad I went with the UltraLight teleprompter. I had previously purchased on a glidegear one from Amazon and it didn't last me a year. The UltraLight looks like it will last me years, the glass is the only thing that will break, but everything else about this teleprompter is great. i got the 12" Model, the UltraLight 12 so it works great with my iPad Pro, the older teleprompter GlideGear teleprompter I bought off Amazon constantly fell apart, wouldn't fit my iPad Pro, and wasn't reliable.
      If you're on a budget get the UltraLight 10, but if you have an iPad Pro you should get the UltraLight 12 model or their UltraFlex 12. That'll be my next purchase from PrompterPeople.
      on 17th Aug 2019

    3. Really is durable

      I got this for our iPad Mini after trying out a few other teleprompters from Magic Cue and a few other places. I ended up sticking with the Ultralight because it's built to last, and fits our larger Ursa Mini camera as well as our Sony FS700. The adapting rising blocks that come with it also allow us to use our Sony AS7II, Blackmagic Pocket cinema 4K, and GH5-S.
      This is one of the best budget teleprompters you can get right now, and it's a worthwhile investment
      My only downside is that I think the bag should be included, instead of having to add it on at purchase, but it's a very high quality bag and a lot better than some of the other cheaper bags that were included for free with some of their other competitors ipad prompters like GlideGear and Magic Cue.
      on 16th Aug 2019

  • Other Details

    Monitor Size: 8
    Monitor Size: 10
    Monitor Size: iPad - 10
    Brightness: Standard (indoor use)
    Brightness: iPad n/a
    Glass Shape: Standard Rectangular
    Teleprompter Type: Standard Tripod Mounted
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