Off Lens Teleprompters

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Over Camera

These teleprompters allow for text prompting where a standard teleprompter cannot be used. Over the camera teleprompters have a monitor fastened just above the lens with an 11" articulating arm. The arm mounts to the camera's hot or cold shoe and is fully adjustable to fit most cameras on the market. Very lightweight and easy to setup or remove. Available monitors range from 8" to 12" and are also suitable for use with jibs. All come complete with our Flip-Q Pro teleprompting software for PC and Mac.

Under Camera

Designed for use where a through-the-glass teleprompter cannot be used. Great for use on jibs or with Chromatte LiteRings. Under Camera prompters can display text using the included PC and Mac software or can be used with any presentation software such as PowerPoint or Keynote to show presentation slides. Can also be used as a talent preview monitor. Sizes range from 11" to 24" with mounting hardware included.

Articulated Arm

Will hold our 12" or 8" monitors directly over the lens. Any lens. Movement is quick and easy with the articulated arm.

  • Quick, inexpensive prompting solution
  • Upgradeable to thru lens 8" prompter
  • VGA, composite, HDMI inputs
  • Comes with 11" arm and hotshoe
  • Free PC & Mac teleprompter software

Securely Attaches

Every "Over Lens" teleprompter attaches easily and quickly to the mic mount on standard video cameras.

Dual Use

Our Over Camera monitor and Articulated Arm can also be used as a camera monitor while previewing, shooting or for play-back. Full-HD capable resolution up to 1280x1024 With HDMI, VGA and composite inputs. The monitor can be positioned above or alongside the camera. Locks securely into place.

Easy Connections

HDMI, VGA and composite inputs, 12 VDC powered. Weights just 3 lbs.