FreeStanding Teleprompters

Learn about the FreeStanding Teleprompters features below or just start shopping. Designed and assembled in the USA with prime American-made beamsplitter glass



There are certain times / productions, where you need your Teleprompter to be mounted on a separate stand from the camera tripod. For instance, when you need to keep the studio and glass set-up in exactly the same position, but you want to take the camera on a location shoot. Also a great option for customers who don't need panning tilting and don't want to upgrade their tripod. The FreeStand option is available for both ProLine and Flex series.

iPad to 24 Inch Monitors

The FLEX series of teleprompters allow for interchangeability of glass and monitor sizes. From the inexpensive and easy to use iPad systems, to the largest, easy to read 24 inch monitors. Whichever one works the best for your needs, is the one we can make happen for you right away. Use this chart to aid in your selection.

65/35 Glass is Better

The entire purpose of a Teleprompter is for the announcer or viewer to have an easy way to read text. Clean, clear and BRIGHT. 65/35 glass will reflect 35 percent of the monitor image back to the viewer. Allowing for a crisper, cleaner, BRIGHTER, easier to read image. Other Teleprompters will only reflect back 30% of the image, so the viewer may have a more difficult time reading the text. In our opinion, the companies that say 70/30 glass is better, are simply wrong. However, if you request 70/30 glass, we can make it available to you.

Reversing Monitors

Self-reversing monitors reverse the text so it's readable on the teleprompter glass. Non-reversing, (Standard), monitors require complicated steps to reverse the text in software. At Prompter People, all or our teleprompters come with a reversing monitor – a feature that does not come with most other teleprompters in the business. This saves time and money on any shoot, and allows you to prompt with text or PowerPoint. This saves time and money on any shoot.