Desktop Teleprompter Features

Engineered for pros, our Desktop Teleprompters are made to fit most cameras and seamlessly be added into most Desktop Studio Environments. Designed for Live-Streaming and Desktop Content Creation. All Desktop Models comes with Cell Phone Adapters for Mobile Streaming. Monitor based desktop models include a free license for TeleScroll our Professional Live-Streaming Prompting Software
The Desktop Teleprompter series is great for Remote Video Education, Video Teleconferencing for Government and Educational Use, Remote and on-Site Visual Product Service and Support, Video Teleconferencing, Visual Telecommunications, Live-Streaming, Work at Home Professionals, Remote Visual Medical industries and so much more.

Desktop Teleprompter

Flex Plus Desktop FreeFly

The Flex Plus Desktop FreeFly 15.6" | 18.5" | 21.5" | 24" Teleprompter WideScreen 16:9 glass and Monitor size. The Flex Plus also has our famous auto-reversing monitors in standard 400NIT, with HDMI, and VGA connectors. The Flex Desktop Plus Model can easily convert to a standard Tripod Mounted Teleprompter and also features a removable sled and folding hood for easy transport and storage, The Flex Plus Desktop Teleprompter has the ability to be positioned in almost any setup, and easily connects to almost any desktop. It supports the weight of Professional and ProSumer Cameras and Lenses up to 10LB. It includes a Smartphone Adapter, Software and a Mouse.

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Top Mounting Bar

All Flex Plus desktop models Features a top mounting bar with 4 x 1/4-20 Threads to mount Talent / Confident Monitors, Lighting, Microphones, Additional Monitors, Wirless Microphone Receivers and More! You'll be able to light and shoot from the front like a professional with our Deskop Models without having to worry about additional stands to hold lights or Microphones. Capture the best Video possible for streaming, record to an SSD or the Raw signal for editing and posting later, all in a very small foot print on your Desktop.

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Desktop Stream with an iPhone or Cellphone

The Flex Plus Desktop Teleprompter series 15.6" | 18.5" | 21.5" | 24" Widescreen Models include a Cell Phone Adapter, Back Sled, Riser Blocks, and a 7" Articulating Arm to work with any camera, or video device needed, even a Action Camera, or Professional Webcam. By having the camera behind the High-Quality Low-Iron American Made Beamsplitter Glass you'll be able to talk directly to your Audience, Student, Patient, etc. giving them direct eye contact like professional news broadcasters.

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