Talent Monitor Teleprompter Features

Engineered for pros, the Talent Monitor Teleprompter Series is the most flexible and affordable talent monitor teleprompters on the market! Learn about the Talent Monitor Teleprompter features below or just start shopping. Designed and assembled in the USA with prime American-made beamsplitter glass.

A Talent Monitor Teleprompter for Every Need

Different Models

ProLine Plus | Flex Plus | QGear | Robo | Robo Jr | Robo Jr Max | Prompter Pal Pro | Pocket Cue V2 Teleprompters are all available in Talent Monitor models. Offering a Talent Monitor Teleprompter for every camera setup from a PTZ (Robotic) Camera, DSLR, Mirrorless, Broadcast (EnG), Cinema, or Micro Cinema Camera. Learn more about which Talent Monitor model will work best with your camera setup or studio setup.

ProLine Plus Talent Monitor

The major advantage for ProLine series teleprompters is the easily variable beamsplitter height and angle. Raising or lowering the glass, or changing the angle of the glass for perfect viewing is quick and easy. Location shooters will value the ability to adjust to any shooting situation or camera.

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Flex Plus Talent Monitors

The Flex Plus series of teleprompters offers a folding hood in a more budget friendly Teleprompter package. Just like the ProLine Plus series the Flex Plus series is compatible with everything from iPad systems, to the largest, easy to read 24 inch monitors. Each monitor size is matched to a specific glass size for use at ranges from 5 to thirty feet.

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PTZ Talent Monitors

The Robo and Robo Jr series of teleprompters work with all models of PTZ/Robotic cameras. Robo Talent Monitor Teleprompters are fully enclosed and allow for 2 PTZ Cameras to be setup side-by-side. Robo with single camera setup has a 70 degree panning radius. Robo Jr Talent Monitor Teleprompters are fully enclosed and allow for one camera to be setup inside. Robo Jr has a 60 degree panning radius.

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Broadcast Talent Monitors

The Q Gear Talent Monitor series of teleprompters work with EnG and Broadcast cameras. Q Gear Talent Monitor Teleprompters are available from 15" - 32" sizes. Q Gear Pro 15" - 19" models feature a folding hood, 24" and 32" models feature a removable hood.

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Tablet Talent Monitors

The ProLine Plus, Prompter Pal Pro, and Flex Plus iPad | Tablet models all are available with Talent Monitors or Talent Monitor Kits. You can even use your iPad as a Talent Monitor, our Talent Monitor Bracket, and Tabgrabber Pro with a compatible Camera that sends out a wireless or wired signal to your Tablet or iPad. The Tabgrabber Pro fits all models of iPads and Surfaces including their Pro Models upto 12.9" in display size.

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Smartphone Talent Monitors

The Pocket Cue V2 Pro Talent Model allows you to prompt and shoot with your smartphone. You can use our monitor models to prompt or as a Talent Monitor. You can also start with the base model Pocket Cue V2 and add on a Talent Kit for it at a later date. The Pocket Cue V2 Pro Talent Model is the most Affordable Talent Monitor Teleprompter in the industry, and at 8" in display size you can achieve a Professional Teleprompter setup at a fraction of the price.

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Talent Monitor Kits

Already own a Prompter People Teleprompter? Visit this link to upgrade your Teleprompter to a Talent Monitor Model. Talent Monitor Kits are available with and without a monitor, or with our Tabgrabber Pro that can hold all models of iPad's and Tablets upto 12.9" in display size. Most of our standard Teleprompters are modular and can be upgraded to a Talent Monitor model, so if you have one of our budget Prompter Pal or UltraFlex Models you can add a Talent Monitor.

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