QGear Pro Teleprompter Features

QGear are designed for large Broadcast and ENG cameras. They are also designed to have large glass and monitors for an ideal solution for locations where the teleprompter is located far away from the presenter. In large auditoriums and churches Large format teleprompters can be positioned and read at ranges up to 30 feet and beyond. QGear is also available in our standard sizes from 12" - 19" for a great desktop solution or a standard Tripod Mount Teleprompter. Large format teleprompters are a true telepromtper with the camera (not included) shooting through the beamsplitter providing perfect eye-contact even with tight shots. Custom options are available for Systems Integrators, contact for details.

Engineered for Broadcast

Integrators and Custom Teleprompters

PrompterPeople offers Large Format versions of all of our Popular Teleprompters like the Flex and the ProLine, but we also offer Large Format QGear Pros and Robos. We can outfit any of our Telepromtpers with Talent Monitors, Clocks, and Tally Lights. We even have customizable options, for integration and resellers.

Variable Height/Angle Adjustments

Q Gear has built-in height adjustments for your camera to raise and lower it as needed. This means your Talent can always be reading from the right spot on your BeamSplitter Glass. The hood also tilts like our UltraFlex and ProLine hoods to change the Angle of the BeamSplitter Glass. If your using a Cinema Camera with interchangeabel lenses like a RED, URSA, or Arri this Teleprompter is a perfect add-on for effective prompting.

Heavy Duty Construction

The Large Format teleprompter is built from aircraft grade 6601 aluminum for durable yet light-weight construction. The unit can be set up or broken down for shipping, or to make it more portable for transit from location to location.

Easy Camera Placement

The wide hood aperture allows compact cameras up to full-size broadcast rigs to work with RoboPrompter. Just roll the camera and it's tripod up behind the Prompter and secure the flexible lens bag around the lens. Contact our sales team for a price quote.

Freestand Option

There are certain times / productions, where you need your Teleprompter to be mounted on a separate stand from the camera tripod. For instance, when you need to keep the studio and glass set-up in exactly the same position, but you want to take the camera on a location shoot. That's when our Freestand option works best. And our QGear Pro series can easily be adapted for this purpose. Just ask for the Freestand option or Shop Here - one of the many possible options with PrompterPeople Teleprompters.

Easy Assembly

No need to break out a set of tools, or plan on an hour of set-up. No tools needed at all. No complicated instructions to read for setting up the glass and rail system. We have made our prompters as easy and solid to use as possible. That way you can focus on the task at hand.