Pocket Cue V2 Teleprompter Features

Continuing our legacy of Professional Teleprompters the newest member of our Portable and Affordable Teleprompters is the Pocket Cue V2 and Pocket Cue V2 Pro Talent Monitor Model. The most versatile Teleprompter for Smartphones that is compatible with all Models of iPhones, Androids, and any other Smartphone under 8" in edge-to-edge display size. 8" Monitor Models include Free Prompting Software.

Learn about the Pocket Cue V2 features below or just start shopping. Designed and assembled in the USA with prime American-made beamsplitter glass.

Modular | Affordable | Portable | Professional Smartphone Teleprompter

Modular and Compact Prosumer Prompting

Pocket V2 Portrait or Landscape

All Pocket Cue V2 and Pocket Cue V2 Pro Models include an L-Bracket to shoot in both Portrait and Landscape with the same Teleprompter. This makes the Pocket Cue V2 the perfect Teleprompter for Content Creators ranging from YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and many more.

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Auto-Reversing Monitors

Self-reversing monitors reverse the text so it's readable on the teleprompter glass. Non-reversing, (Standard), monitors require complicated steps to reverse the text in software. At Prompter People, all our teleprompters come with a reversing monitor – a feature that does not come with most other teleprompters in the business. This saves time and money on any shoot, and allows you to prompt with text or PowerPoint. All monitor based Teleprompter come with a Free Copy of our TeleScroll Scalable Prompting Software, a $249 value

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Modular Design

All Pocket Cue V2 Models can be built up or down as needed. If you're working with larger cameras you can easily convert the Pocket Cue V2 to a Freestanding Model with the Removable Back Sled and Optional Freestanding Kit.

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Shoot with your Smartphone or Camera

The Pocket Cue includes an easy to use Smartphone Sled and Hood for your Lens system that allows you to shoot with your Smartphone. You can always use the Pocket Cue V2 to Prompt with your Smartphone or you can upgrade to a Monitor and shoot with your Smartphone. Prompter People wanted to give the end user the flexibility and modular features in our Professional and Prosumer larger Prompters but in a smaller package.

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Talent Monitor Kits and Pro Model

The Pocket Cue V2 now features a Talent Monitor Kit. Start with the Pocket Cue V2 Pro Talent Model or add-on a Talent Monitor Kit later to your base Pocket Cue V2. Talent Monitors are easily added and removed and keep to the modular functionality of the Pocket Cue V2

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Pocket Cue Tablet Mini

Upgrade from a Smartphone Teleprompter to an iPad Mini or 8" Tablet Teleprompter without having to buy a new Teleprompter. You can start with the Tablet base model or upgrade to it at a later date. The Pocket Cue V2 Tablet Mini Model is designed to fit the iPad Mini perfectly or any Tablet or Foldable Smartphone with a display size of 8.5" or smaller. The Pocket Cue V2 Tablet Mini Model is the perfect fit with the iPad Mini and delivers the same features found in high end Tablet Teleprompters at a fraction of the price. Shoot with your Smartphone and Prompt with your Tablet or shoot with a smaller Mirrorless, DSLR, Cinema, or Box Camera with the regular sled model or add a freestanding kit to use larger cameras and longer lenses. Pocket Cue V2 Tablet Mini models can even upgrade to add a Talent Monitor.

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Monitor Models include Free Software

The Pocket Cue V2 comes in Monitor Models. Every Monitor Model includes a Free Copy of our TeleScroll Scalable Prompting Software, a $249 value, meaning that upgrading to a Monitor Model is more affordable than buying the Software.

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Pocket Cue V3 4K 16:9 Monitor Model

The newest member to the Pocket Cue Family is the newly designed Pocket Cue V3 1800 NIT NP Battery Operable 16:9 widescreen Monitor Model. The Pocket Cue V3 4K includes everything you need to shoot with your camera, you can add freestanding kits for larger cameras, and it includes a newly designed Smartphone backsled for filming with your iPhone, Android, or any Smartphone. The smartphone front sled is included in the kit, giving you a full Pocket Cue V2 with all of the newest features and the crispest monitor with HDMI loop Thru. Prompt up to 180hz at 1080 or 60hz at 4K.

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Shoot on a Jib or Gimbal

The Pocket Cue V2 is a fraction of the weight of larger iPad Teleprompters and was designed to balance on a Gimbal, Steadicam, Jib, or Motorized Jib. Prompter People has tested it with everything from The Ronin RS3 Pro to the Edelkrone Jib One V2 achieving a Balanced Teleprompter Shot that is impossible with Larger Models on the market.

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Compact Design and Carry Case Included

It's incredibly easy to transform or breakdown your Pocket Cue V2 with the Removable Back Sled this not only allows it to be a multipurpose Teleprompter, but also allows it to break down to a more compact version for storage and transport. The Hood, and entire Teleprompter breaks down to fit in a very small and compact included softbag or you can easily fit it into your camera bag or case in about the same size as one Camera Body.

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Easy Assembly

No need to break out a set of tools, or plan on an hour of set-up. No tools needed at all. No complicated instructions to read for setting up the Pocket Cue V2 Teleprompter. We have made our prompters as easy and solid to use as possible. That way you can focus on the task at hand.

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