Teleprompters by Prompter People

We have the widest selection of reliable, affordable teleprompters for the professional and consumer marketplace. You decide what combination of features and what price point suits your specific needs. To learn more about each product line, click the blue buttons below, and watch the video below for help in choosing the right teleprompter for your needs. Designed and assembled in the USA with prime American-made beamsplitter glass.

Teleprompters by Type

We have a Teleprompter for every Professional from Studio to Location. We also have multiple iPad models.

Specialty Teleprompters

Our specialty teleprompters were designed for specific applications such as robotic cameras, light weight portable, ring lights, stand mounted prompters, etc.
  • PTZ Prompters

    If you need to prompt with PTZ cameras the Robo and Robo Jr Max Prompter is the obvious choice. Specifically designed for pan/tilt/zoom cameras. High Optical Quality 24” Widescreen and 19" Studio | Trapezoidal Beamsplitter glass and fully sealed enclosure gives the PTZ camera generous pan/tilt/zooming.

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  • Talent Monitor

    Talent Monitor Models are available from Smartphone | Tablet | Regular and 1000 NIT High Bright Monitors. Studio | Trapezoidal and 16:9 widescreen options. Color Accurate IPS Panels with 3G-SDI.

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  • Smartphone

    Our Smartphone Models are not only light weight, incredibly strong, but also incredibly affordable. Our Pocket Cue V2 and Pocket Cue V2 Pro Talent Models are the most modular and Professional Smartphone Teleprompters Models in the industry. The same features found in our high-end models at a fraction of the price.

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