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We have the widest selection of reliable, affordable teleprompters for the professional and consumer marketplace. You decide what combination of features and what price point suits your specific needs. To learn more about each product line, click the blue buttons below, and watch the video below for help in choosing the right teleprompter for your needs. Designed and assembled in the USA with prime American-made beamsplitter glass.

Cinema and ENG Camera Teleprompters

These models are the most commonly used with ENG and Cinema cameras, but can be used with standard cameras. They vary in size between 12", 15", 17", 19", 24" and 32" Glass, are available in FreeStand, with Auto Reversing Monitors, HighBright 1,000 NIT Monitors, Trapezoidal Glass and in select sizes are available in iPad models.
  • ProLine Plus

    These teleprompters were designed for the video pro that will be using multiple cameras, require quick set up and can adjust to any situation. The mirror system allows quick adjustment of height and angle and folds down, and the Teleprompter breaks down to half the size of our Legacy Proline for easy transport and storage. The back sled removal also allows the Teleprompter to be easily adapted to a FreeStand or a RailMount

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  • Flex Plus

    Flex teleprompters are perfect for studio or location use with many of the features of the ProLine series including tool-less setup and adjustment at a more affordable price. The Flex Plus features a folding hood and the Teleprompter breaks down to half the size of our Legacy Flex for easy transport and storage. The back sled removal also allows the Teleprompter to be easily adapted to a FreeStand or a RailMount It is a great solution for applications that require quick setups or changing camera sizes.

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  • QPro

    The QPRO Series of teleprompter’s patent pending design utilizes custom aluminum extrusions for high strength, lightweight and tool-less setup and operation. The unique design offers perfect balance for any camera from a palmcorder to a full size ENG camera.

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Affordable and Standard Teleprompters

We are proud to have the most affordable and professionally built lines with our Power Cue and Prompter Pal Teleprompters. We also offer standard Over and Under Camera Teleprompters.
  • Power Cue

    The Power Cue is Light Weight, Durable, and Perfect for prompting from 10 feet away the UltraLight comes with our popular TagGrabber Pro and displays any iPad or Tablet upto 10.9" in size. Also available with our popular Auto-Reversing monitors up to 10". Power Cue models start at $299

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  • Prompter Pal

    Prompter Pal teleprompters are available in 10" and 12" glass size. Featuring a folding hood, portability and durability. The 12" model works with all current iPad models up to the iPad Pro 12.9" and also is available with a 12" 1,000 NIT HighBright monitor or a 400 NIT regular both Auto-Reversing. Starting at $499 for our 10" and $599 for our 12" base Model.

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  • Pocket Cue V2

    The Pocket Cue V2 Teleprompter allows you to shoot and prompt with your Smartphone. The modular features found in our larger tablet and monitor based models are also available in the Pocket Cue V2 with the removable back sled you can shoot with larger cameras as Freestanding or you can shoot in both landscape or portrait with the included backsled. Monitor models include our TeleScroll software free and Talent Monitors are available with our Pro Models

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Specialty Teleprompters

Our specialty teleprompters were designed for specific applications such as robotic / PTZ cameras, Freestanding, stage and speech prompters, etc.
  • Robo Junior

    If you need to prompt with PTZ cameras the Robo Junior is the obvious choice. Specifically designed for pan/tilt/zoom cameras. Large 19” Trapezoidal (Studio) glass and fully sealed enclosure gives the PTZ camera generous pan/tilt/zooming.

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  • Robo Prompter

    24" Widescreen Display designed to fit all PTZ Cameras or house 2 regular size PTZ Cameras. Talent Monitor Models can be bought now or later with the Modular Talent Bracket Kit. Easy to Setup, Balance, and Prompt. Includes Free Professional Prompting Software.

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  • Over / Under Camera

    Over and Under Camera teleprompters allow for text prompting directly over or under the camera lens. Available with 8", 12" or a 12" High Bright monitor fastened just above the lens on an articulating arm. Lightweight and easy to setup. Under Camera Teleprompters are great for Light Rings, Cranes, or as a Talent Prompter. Under Camera are Available from 8", 12", 15" and up.

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