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Learn about the Stage / Speech Teleprompters features below or just start shopping. Designed and assembled in the USA with prime American-made beamsplitter glass

Light Weight Collapsable Carbon Fiber Poles

The Brand New Breakdown Carbon Fiber Poles are available for our standard Stage Pro Stage and Speech Presidential Teleprompter Line, both single units and pairs. With the Carbon Fiber poles it not only makes your entire system lighter weight, but also makes it more portable as the poles can break down to fit inside of our Configured Hard Cases for Travel. This is great for Conferences or Speeches where you need to store your Presidential Teleprompters or move them from location to location. We still offer the sturdier metal poles in all of our units and we recommend the metal poles for outdoor events with heavy wind.

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AutoStepper Automatically Rising Poles

The StagePro Auto Stepper series features motorized poles. The revolutionary automatically adjustable poles can rise in-between speeches via the motor instead of manually adjusting your pole height. This will allow you to keep shooting in-between speeches without having to pause to adjust your pole height for speakers with different heights. Great for Conferences and Staged Speeches where stage access is limited or prohibited during your event, but you have multiple speakers of varying heights.

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Adjustable Stand

The StagePro Presidential teleprompters are ultra adjustable with easy, tool-less set-up. Monitors from 15" to 24" are available for optimized viewing. The monitor is self-reversing for easiest set-up and use and can be used to prompt with either the included PC and Mac software or with any presentation software such as PowerPoint or Keynote.

  • Fast, easy setup with necessary cables and hardware
  • Custom designed rugged hardware for best stability
  • Easily readable to over 17 feet
  • Mac and PC software included
  • Adapter available for iPad
  • Rugged flight cases available
  • High Bright monitors available for outside use
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Variable Height/Angle Adjustments

Every speaker who walks up to the podium is not the same height. Nor do they read best at the same angle of screen. This is why we have created the most adjustable glass for stage teleprompters on the market. Easily adjustable angles will ensure that the speaker can have great eye contact with the audience, while seeing and reading the text clearly.

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The StagePro series of teleprompters allow for complete flexibility. From the inexpensive and easy to use iPad systems, to the largest, easy to read 24 inch monitors. Whichever one works the best for your needs, is the one we will can make happen for you right away. Just keep in mind the the iPad will have small text, while the 24 inch can allow for a lower, hidden monitor.

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Dual Monitor Series

The best speech is one where the speaker can achieve direct eye contact with the most people. That is difficult to achieve when his/her head stays in one, fixed location.

That is why many speakers choose to have more than one teleprompter placed in front of them at different angles. This allows for them to turn their head around the room, but still stay focused and on topic.

Pictured Optional Carbon Fiber Poles, lighter weight and more compact as they break down to half the size of our standard metal poles, these Poles will fit in any of our Stage and Speech Travel Cases for easier transport and storage.

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