All Prompter People monitor based systems come complete with TeleScroll or Flip-Q Pro for Mac or PC. TeleScroll is compatible with PC OS versions from XP to Windows 10, Windows 11, and all Intel and Apple Silicon based Mac computers. Flip-Q Pro is compatible with older intel based Macs. Each ProLine Plus, Flex Plus, UltraFlex Plus, Prompter Pal, Stage Pro, Q-Pro, Robo, and Robo Jr monitor based system includes TeleScroll on a USB Dongle and a downloadable version. TeleScroll features a scaleable prompting window and is included for free with Monitor Based Desktop Teleprompters and is available by download only. Legacy Flip-Q and Mac-Q is compatible with most legacy 32 Bit and 64 Bit Max OSX including most versions of Catalina (Depending on the age of the hardware software updates are being patched to work with earlier hardware running the most up-to-date OSX) or Earlier. Legacy Flip-Q will work on Mac 32 Bit OSX Mojave and earlier. TeleScroll will work on Mac 32 Bit and 64 Bit OSX Big Sur, Monterey Intel Chip and Apple Silicon Chip Macs and later. TeleScroll and Flip-Q Pro can be used with our wide variety of scrolling controllers from wired and wireless handheld units to foot pedal controllers. You can download a free demo of TeleScroll or Flip-Q below.

Our iPad prompters utilize our full featured iCue app and come complete with a Bluetooth keyboard controller. iCue is available in the Apple App store.

For advanced studio applications we also offer a MOS compliant NewsRoom application for the most demanding users. Contact our sales reps for more details.

  • TeleScroll
    For Mac & PC

    TeleScroll Full Prosumer Prompting Software and Live-Streaming Teleprompting Software for Mac and PC. TeleScroll Pro version 1.3.3 is Prompter People's newest software for Live-Streaming and Standard Prompting allowing a scaleable prompter window. This is a perfect match with Prompter People Auto-Reversing Monitors to allow any desktop application to be used in the same prompter display with PBP on any Intel based 64 or 32 Bit Mac, Apple Silicon Chips, Windows 10, 11 and other PC OS if they have full permissions.

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  • Flip-Q-Pro
    For Mac & PC

    Flip-Q-Pro teleprompting software for Mac and PC. Flip-Q Pro version 2.0.10 of the Flip-Q-Pro for Mac teleprompting software. This newest version of the Flip-Q software allows the user to run Flip-Q on any Intel Based Mac that has 64bit or 32bit compatible OSX if they have full permissions, Not compatible with Apple Silicon Chips please purchase TeleScroll for Apple Silicon Chip M1, M2, M3 Macs. For Teleprompter Software compatible with Intel and all Apple Silicon Chip and all Windows OSX TeleScroll is needed. This is a DEMO version only. Purchased download licenses are fulfilled within the next business day.

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  • TeleScroll
    For iOS & Android

    Our iPad and Tablet prompters utilize our full featured TeleScroll 1.3.3 app and come complete with a Bluetooth Remote controller or download the Free Smartphone Controller to edit and control the script speed. TeleScroll is available in the Apple App and Google Play store.

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TeleScroll Feature Chart

Flip-Q Feature Chart

Teleprompter Display Software TVPROMPT-PRO v. 5.5

Essential on TV shows, lectures, concerts and any live event

  • Control software for teleprompter systems.
  • Management of all necessary elements for a complete assisted speech.
  • Organization and editing of scripts in Runorders for sequential lanch.
  • Supports multiple input devices for complete text speed control.

TVPROMPT-PRO provides on screen information to always have under control the speech running time. Counters on control screen and on the prompter screen estimate the remaining time to reach the end of the story providing duration and current speed. A bar shows the recommended speed according to the desired scheduling; also time counters are provided showing the elapsed time since the start of playback and remaining time until the end of the story ... This provides a powerful system that will assist you reliably and securely at all times.

Our improved system provides several accessories such as RSS feeds viewed, so you will be able to view and manage easily the most important headlines from preferred sources via a bar at the bottom portion of the application. The ysstem also provides for configuration and storage of preferred RSS feeds, speed on screen and other user addressable functions.

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