About Prompter People


Our Origins and Our Expertise

Our company was established in 2003 to satisfy a specific need—the need for affordable, rock-solid reliable teleprompters.

Before Prompter People began selling and inventing teleprompters, this new category of teleprompters did not exist. In effect, Prompter People innovated the entire category and our company has led in sales and customer service since the first day we opened our doors.

For more than two decades now, Prompter People has continued to expand the category with hardware and software solutions that make creating videos and films easier for professionals on both sides of the camera.

Prompter People markets the highest quality, most cost-effective products available for the professional and consumer video market. We sweat the details so you don’t have to.

The glass we choose is industry grade. The features on the teleprompters we sell are designed by and for the people using the equipment.  Bottom line, our solutions work for you. Guaranteed.

Currently, broadcasters, independent producers, entertainers, corporate video departments, video rental shops, government agencies, advertising agencies, churches, schools and nonprofits purchase Prompter People products.


Our Philosophy

We are in the video business too. We know what it’s like to be a small and medium sized business owner, what it’s like to be on a shoot with a difficult script to get through, so we have developed our company around a simply concept that you can’t make a bad decision.

Every one of our products has been real world tested to work with your cameras and other gear without hassle or excessive set up or tear down.

We supply you to what you need in the box to have to get your work accomplished, and provide various upgrade kits to turn your standard Teleprompter into a full broadcast quality Teleprompter.


The Prompter People Difference

Prompter People teleprompters are designed and supported by people who have actually worked in the broadcast and corporate production fields. 

Our products are designed to be simple to setup and use, and wherever possible to have intuitive functionality.

One example of our difference is the fact that all our monitors are auto-reversed. This does away with difficult computer setup and prevents most technical difficulties.

Another common feature of our products is that they are compatible with any tripod and ship fully assembled.

Another “Prompter People Advantage” is the fact that we provide both Mac and PC software with each prompter. TeleScroll is a scalable software and paired with Prompter People's Auto-reversing Monitors you can prompt anything your computer can display in mirrored or extended desktop to any of our Monitors or you can use your Smartphone or Tablet to Prompt.

  • Email ( and phone support (408-866-9100) is provided for all customers without any additional charge.
  • Extensive Warranties for Parts and Labor are included with Every Purchase and Extended Warranties are Free after you register.
  • Prompter People promises you'll be happy with your purchase offering a 10 day Money Back Guarantee or if you need a different Teleprompter than the one you ordered Prompter People will exchange your Teleprompter for the right one for your needs.
  • Prompter People has a reputation for highest post-purchase customer satisfaction. 
  • Prompter People boasts more than 55,000 units in use worldwide.


About Our Founder and President

Mark Ditmanson is the founder and President of Prompter People.  Mark designs all of the Prompter People products, including the Proline Plus and Flex Plus Teleprompter systems.  

mark-at-nab.pngMark holds an Electrical Engineering (EE) degree from the University of Illinois. Prior to founding Prompter People, Mark provided technical marketing services (including videography) to many Silicon Valley companies. Mark is constantly researching and innovating new ways to help videographers and those reading off teleprompters get great results with an effortless workflow.


Operations Management

Jesus Lizaola is the Operations Manager at Prompter People. He holds a degree in Electronics Technology and has extensive experience in Project Management coming from V2 Lighting Group. He is charge of everything from Assembly, Design, to ensuring every Prompter People always has the Products and new Developments the industry needs.


About Our Sales and Customer Support Team

Paolo Cruz is our Head of Sales. Paolo works directly with both Customers and Resellers handling all of the Logistics of sales from making sure you can find Prompter People Products on your favorite websites as well as making sure that buying directly from Prompter People is not only easy but affordable. Paolo came to Prompter People from Abel Cine and his extensive history of sales in the Broadcast and Film industry ensure that all of Prompter People customers are taken care of from finding the right Teleprompter to ensuring the that your team, or you are able to set up the Teleprompter and improve your content for yourself or your business.



Chuck Majewski is our Project Manager for Software, and head of Customer and Support relations. Chuck has been with the company for more than 17 years. 

Chuck has deep and wide experience with teleprompter products and has an unquenchable excitement for the business and a passion for making sure our customers are satisfied. He holds a BA in TV Journalism from San Jose State University. 

His background includes video, media and web production for Silicon Valley tech companies. Chuck is always ready to answer your questions before and after the sale with great knowledge and a happy smile.


About Our Marketing Team

Kyle Belford is the Head of Marketing at Prompter People since 2017 and has an extensive background working with Companies like Johnson & Johnson, OSEE, Techcrunch and various Bay Area companies. Holding a BA in Film with an expertise in Cinematography from AAU. 

kyle-profile-photo-cstyle-copy.png His Background includes Teleprompter Operator, Technical Directing, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Director, First AD, First AC, Grip, Gaffer, and just about every position on set behind a camera or with lighting. Kyle has worked with Elon Musk, Dustin Moskovitz, and various other Silicon Valley CEOs on set making sure that they get the right lines, lighting, and look.

Kyle has also worked with on various Political Campaigns including the Former Mayor of San Francisco Ed Lee. His work with Teleprompters and continued work on set has helped improve the Design and Functionality of the Prompter People Teleprompters and helped to ensure color accuracy and clarity with extensive testing of Prompter People's American-Made High-Quality Beamsplitter Glass.






Enough about our history—let’s talk about your improved videography and filmmaking future.