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Prompter People

  • Desktop Arm Model Teleprompter Flex Plus 24" Screen PrompterPeople Setup Side - Free Fly Desktop Office, work from home Teleprompter
    Desktop Free Fly Single Arm Teleprompter
    $2,199.00 Choose Options
  • FlexPlus 15mm iPAD Model 12"
    Flex Plus 15mm Rail Mount Series
    $799.00 Choose Options
  • Flex Plus Desktop Teleprompter for Distance Learning, Social Distancing Interviews, Work-At-Home Professionals, Live Streams in home Office, Remote Video Sales and Support - Front
    Flex Plus 24 Desktop Teleprompter for Work at Home Solutions
    $2,199.00 Add To Cart
  • Flex Plus FreeStand
    Flex Plus Freestand Teleprompter Series
    $799.00 Choose Options
  • Flex plus iPad Angled
    Flex Plus iPad and Tablet Teleprompter
    $799.00 Choose Options
  • Promter Pal Phone Adapter Back
    Phone, Android, iPhone Adapter to Teleprompter for Plus Model PrompterPeople
    $95.00 Add To Cart
  • ProLine Plus 15" Studio (Trapezoidal) Regular Auto-Reversing HDMI with 24" Regular HDMI Talent Monitor
    ProLine Plus Talent Monitor Kit
    $2,949.00 Choose Options
  • ProLine Plus RailMount iPad
    ProLine Plus 15mm RailMount Series
    $1,199.00 Choose Options
  • ProLine Plus FreeStand  - Trapezoidal Studio 19 HB
    ProLine Plus Freestand Teleprompter Series
    $1,199.00 Choose Options
  • ProLine Plus iPad Pro | Surface Pro | Tablet 12 inch new Model
    ProLine Plus iPad and Tablet Teleprompter
    $1,199.00 Choose Options
  • PrompterPal Affordable 10" Prompter Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
    Prompter Pal - iPad Pro, Surface Pro Affordable Professional 10 - 12" Teleprompter
    $399.00 Choose Options
  • Prompter Pal 12" iPad and Tablet Desktop Teleprompter
    Prompter Pal Portable Desktop Teleprompter
    $599.00 Choose Options
  • Robo JR 400NIT Auto Reversing 19" Monitor HDMI - with 24" HDMI Talent Monitor
    Robo JR PTZ and Robotic Camera Teleprompter with Talent Monitor Bracket KIT
    $3,650.00 Choose Options
  • Affordable Tablet Holders for Plus Models with Tablet and iPad - CU
    TabGrabber Lite - Affordable - Tablet Holder for iPad and Tablets works with all new Plus Model Teleprompters
    $70.00 Add To Cart
  • PrompterPeople Talent Monitor Assembled
    Talent Monitor Bracket Kit for All Prompter People Model Teleprompters
    $200.00 Choose Options
  • UltraFlex-12 15mm Rail-Mount iPad Model
    Ultra Flex Plus 15mm Rail-Mount
    $599.00 Choose Options