Robo Jr - Max 17" 1000 NIT HighBright 4:3 3G-SDI PTZ Robotic Teleprompter

Robo Jr Max | PTZ | Robotic Camera Teleprompter

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    Robo Jr Max PTZ Teleprompter for Larger PTZ Robotic Cameras

    Regular 400 NIT - High Bright 1000 NIT Prompting Monitors 3G-SDI in/out, HDMI, Composite, VGA, 4-PIN XLR Locking Power | 4:3 17" - 19" | 16:9 1000 NIT 18.5"

    Regular 400 NIT Prompting Monitors HDMI, Composite, VGA  16:9 18.5"



    Robo Jr Max PTZ Camera Movement and Viewing Angle Highlights

    ROBO (Robotic Camera) Jr Max PTZ Teleprompter | Designed for Larger PTZ Cameras

    • Total 60° viewing angle
    • 30° Viewing Angle Left
    • 30° Viewing Angle Left 

    Total 60° Camera Movement

    • 30° Movement Left
    • 30° Movement Left


    PTZ | Robotic Camera Mounting HighLights 

    • 1 x PTZ or Robotic Camera
    • Upside down mounting for more camera mobility
    • Smaller footprint than our popular Robo Teleprompter.
    • Easily Access camera controls, and easily run wires.


    Why Choose Prompter People Robo, Robo Jr, Robo Jr Max Teleprompters for your PTZ needs

    • US made optical quality glass
    • For Panasonic AW-UE150K UHD 4K 20x PTZ Camera
    • All durable metal enclosure, no cloth, fabric, or canvas.
    • 20-24 lb installed
    • 3G-SDI, and HDMI inputs
    • 65/35 Optical Quality Beamsplitter Glass
    • US designed, assembled and supported
    • The leader in experience and installed systems
    • Robo Jr Max (Fully Compatible out of the box with Panasonic AW-UE150W UHD 4K)
    • Robo Jr Max (Partially Compatible with Sony FR-7 out of the Box 5.5" or 140mm Max Lens Length)
    • The Sony FR-7 is recommended to use with the Prompter People Robo PTZ Teleprompter at it is fully compatible with an upgrade kit shipping free for extra compatibility 
    • Robo Jr Max Sony FR-7 Kit Coming to be compatible with longer (Kit Zoom/Telephoto) lenses (Email to pre-order) 


    Prompting Monitor   

    • 17" / 19" / 18.5" diagonal 
    • Built-in reversing
    • 17" 3G-SDI, VGA, HDMI composite inputs, 4-Pin XLR Power Side Inputs for Auto Reversing 4:3 Regular 400 NIT 
    • 17" 3G-SDI, VGA, HDMI, 4-PIN XLR Locking Power Side Inputs for HighBright Auto Reversing 4:3 1000 NIT
    • 19" 3G-SDI, VGA, HDMI composite inputs, 4-PIN XLR Locking Power Side Inputs for Auto Reversing 4:3 Regular 400 NIT 
    • 19" 3G-SDI, VGA, HDMI, 4-PIN XLR Locking Power Side Inputs for HighBright Auto Reversing 4:3 1000 NIT
    • 18.5" 3G-SDI, VGA, HDMI inputs for Auto Reversing 16:9 Regular (Rear Input RGB-IPS Panel) 400 NIT
    • 18.5" 3G-SDI, VGA, HDMI 4-PIN XLR Locking Power SIde inputs for Auto Reversing 16:9 Regular 1000 NIT
    • LED backlit 
    • 18.5" REG 400 NIT RGB IPS Color Accurate Panel
    • AC adapter included, battery operable
    • When using Prompter People Auto-Reversing monitors, you will not need to flip with TeleScroll
    • If you are using a 3rd Party monitor please request Flip-Q instead of TeleScroll, you may need to use the Flip Function in the Flip Q Software if the Monitor does not have Auto-Reversing as a Built-in Feature



    • Base to top 17”
    • Front to back 21”
    • Base width 14”x12”
    • Front to back Robo Jr to front of monitor 28”
    • Top width 21”
    • 17 lbs dry weight imperial measure
    • Robo-JR Weight - 19 lbs with Regular Monitor (Tripod Weight)
    • Robo-JRHB Weight - 24 lbs with High Bright Monitor (Tripod Weight)  


    Recommended Camera Support 

    *Ensure the Teleprompter is properly balanced and locked off when not in use*

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  • Other Details

    Teleprompter Type: Robotic Camera | PTZ
    Distance From Talent : Ft (Monitor Size : In): 19
    Brightness (Monitor): Standard (indoor use)
    Brightness (Monitor): HighBright
    Glass Shape: Studio Trapezoidal
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