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Flip-Q Pro USB for Mac & PC

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    Flip-Q Pro teleprompting software for Mac and PC on USB drive. The Flip-Q USB drive version contains both the PC 2.4 version and Mac 1.6 versions of the Flip-Q Pro teleprompting software. These latest versions of the Flip-Q software allow the user to run Flip-Q on any Mac or PC where they have full permissions. The software "lives" on the USB stick and is easily movable between computers. PC version runs on Windows platforms from XP - WIN10. Mac version runs on any Intel equipped Mac. ● Mac and PC Flip-Q teleprompting software ● Plug into your computer and run software directly from the stick, no installation ● Unicode, accepts foreign languages ● dual screen reversing funtion ● PC version accepts Word docs directly ● full editing and color
    Flip-Q is a premier teleprompter program for the most demanding professional applications. Its dual screen scrolling engine reverses the secondary output of a PC laptop while leaving the operator'sdisplay non-reversed. This allows less expensive non-reversing VGA displays to be used without sacrificing functionality or performance.


    Flip-Q for Mac will only work on 32bit or earlier OSX (Any OSX past Mojave is not compatible - please see our Mac-Q at the same price that is compatible with any 32 Bit or 64 Bit or earlier OSX including Catlina, Mojave or earlier) at this LINK HERE | MAC-Q


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    Flip-Q USB dongles work on any computer where the user has full permissions.  Software download is also included with purchase of the USB software, download is sent same or next business day.


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    1. Purchase this Product - Great Software, and Amazing Service

      This is a great product. We tried the free download versions that didn't have all the same features. Flip-Q runs from a USB device, or from your computer, but you have to install it.

      The software was great in a clutch situation, we were originally using a free teleprompter software which worked for one day. The next day it wouldn't. We were on set with hired staff, videographers, speakers, etc. and didn't have time to wait.

      Thankfully one of our Teleprompters came with Flip-Q Dongle and we were able to run it directly from the USB which saved us big time. I still recommend calling in and asking for a download license
      on 8th Oct 2018

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