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on tour with A R Rahmann

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Longtime customer Abhishek Desai  of AS Teleprompting in India is currently on tour with A R Rahman, the
Grammy and Oscar winning composer of film scores including the score for "Slumdog Millionaire".  Abhishek has been using our prompters and software for many years and relies on it. The Youtube trailer of the tour is here.

A S Teleprompters in Mumbai

Abhishek Desai is a long time time user of the Prompter People products including Flip-Q PRO software.  Abhishek and his partner Suhas Gaykar co-own the prompting company AS Teleprompting in Mumbai, India.  Their motto is: Always stay Positive and be compassionate.  In business for over 15 years they prompt many prominent public figures and Abhisheck [...]

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