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Flex Plus Freestand Teleprompter Series

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    The Flex Plus FreeStand is ultra adjustable with easy, tool-less control of camera and monitor position. The monitors are *(1) self-reversing and can display prompting with either the included PC and Mac software or with any presentation software such as PowerPoint or Keynote.

    *(1) The text reflection in glass reads backwards. Our monitor reverses the text so it is readable out of the box.



    Partial Product Highlights

    • Fast, easy setup
    • Supports any size camera from palmcorder to ENG (ENG stands for “Electronic
      News Gathering”, a camera, formerly used just for reporting, which has become the
      standard for most professional video production today)
    • Easily readable to over 12 feet
    • Reversing monitor 12" diagonal
    • High Bright model available
    • HD-SDI input available on 12", 15", 17", 19" and 24" HB models
    • Adapter available for iPad
    • Upgradable from 12 to 15, 17, 19, and 24 inch monitor sizes.


    The Flex Plus Freestand teleprompter’s patent-pending design utilizes custom aluminum extrusions for high strength, featuring lightweight and tool-less setup and operation. The unique design offers perfect balance for any size camera from a palmcorder to a full size ENG camera. The included monitor offers a variety of inputs including VGA, composite and HDMI. The lightweight, long life LED backlit display offers a bright 400 nit image (nit is the unit of visible light intensity). The Flex 12 can be quickly and cost effectively converted to an iPad or to a 15, 17, 19, or 24 inch prompter for ultimate flexibility.


    Soft Case / Travel Kits 

    • *All Flex PLUS Teleprompters do not come with a Case
    • You can upgrade to include a Soft Case
    • Travel - Flight Cases (Hard Cases) are an upgrade


    Flex Plus Kits

    (All Plus Kits Shipping NOW)

    • Standard Medium Duty Freestanding Kit - (recommended 12" - 24") includes Medium Duty 8ft Teleprompter Stand and Specialized Rapid Adapter
    • Optional Heavy Duty Freestanding Kit - (recommended for 19" - 24") includes Heavy Duty Junior Roller Stand and Specialized Plated Rapid Adapter
    • 15mm Kit - includes 15mm Rail Block



    • 60/40 is standard, 70/30 available as a nocost option
    • *(1) Beamsplitter size varies by teleprompter size selected
    • Ultra clear, low iron glass eliminates color shift
    • Antireflection coatings prevent glass reflections

    *(1) Beamsplitter glass unites two optical phenomena: reflection and transmission. A beam splitter is a piece of glass that allows you to see the reflection of the text you are reading while looking through the glass into the lense of the camera.



    • 12" / 15" / 17” / 19" / 24" diagonal 
    • Built-in reversing
    • VGA, HDMI composite inputs for Regular 400 NIT
    • HD-SDI, VGA, HDMI inputs for HighBright 1000 NIT
    • LED backlit 
    • AC adapter included, battery operable
    • When using PrompterPeople Auto-Reversing monitors, you will not need to use the Flip Function in the flip Q Software.
    • When using a 3rd Party monitor you may need to use the Flip Function in the Flip Q Software


    Dimensions / Weight   

    • Tool­ less design 
    • Camera position 
    • LCD position 
    • Tripod mount and balance 
    • Glass/Hood assembly  



    • iPad (iPad bracket needed) 
    • 12, 15, 17, 19, 24, and 32 inch (glass assembly and monitor needed) 
    • Controllers: wireless, wired, foot 



    • Flip-Q PRO software for PC and Mac included
    • Newsroom software available






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  • Other Details

    Teleprompter Type: FreeStand
    Monitor Size: 12
    Monitor Size: 15
    Monitor Size: 17
    Monitor Size: 19
    Monitor Size: 24
    Monitor Size: iPad - 12
    Brightness: HighBright
    Brightness: Standard (indoor use)
    Brightness: iPad n/a
    Glass Shape: Standard Rectangular
    Glass Shape: 16:9 WideScreen
    Glass Shape: Studio Trapezoidal
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