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Pocket Cue V2 | Smart Phone | iPhone | Android Teleprompter - Compact and Modular

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    Pocket Cue V2 | Smartphone | iPhone | Android Teleprompter


    The Pocket Cue Version 2 is now shipping

    Prompter People Pocket Cue is a Professional and Affordable Smart Phone Based Teleprompter

    • Compatible to Prompt and Shoot with all models of iPhone, and most models of Android, and other model Smart Phones 
    • The Lens slides in to the Hood so you will get No Vignetting like other SmartPhone Teleprompters that attach to the Front of the Lens
    • The Pocket Cue is the most Modular Smartphone Teleprompter - with the Included Back Sled you can shoot with most standard Mirrorless, DSLR, Pocket Cinema Cameras, and Box Cameras 
    • Modular Freestanding Teleprompter out of the Box: Removing the Back Sled allows you to shoot with most Camera + Lens combos (Removable Lens cameras) as a Freestanding Smart Phone Based Teleprompter
    • Adding the SmartPhone Back Mount allows you to shoot with your Smartphone 
    • Pocket Cue weight is under 2 LBS / 0.9 Kilos
    • Beamsplitter Glass 65/35 - 9" (Inch) or 228.5 mm Diagonal 
    • Compatible with all Lenses up to 85mm in Diameter and Under
    • Foldable Design - Breaks down for compact transit and storage
    • Soft Bag Included Free
    • V2 updated design more durable
    • Useable as a Freestanding model with a 1/4-20 Rapid Adapter and Stand (Not included - Upgrade Kit)
    • Portrait Filming (For TikTok, Instagram, etc.) Social Media - with Included L-Bracket
    • Works with Jibs, Steadicams, Glidecams, Proper Weight Rated Lights Stands and Tripods 


    Monitor Models

    • Monitor Based Models include 8" Auto-Reversing 400 NIT 4:3 Monitor with 16:9 Aspect Options (HDMI, Composite, RCA inputs) 
    • Monitor Based Models include Free TeleScroll or Flip-Q Teleprompter Software for Mac and PC ($249 - $199 Value) 


    FreeStanding Kits

    • Add-on includes all regular accessories including the Back Sled
    • includes a 1/4-20 Rapid Adapter special designed for the Pocket Cue
    • Includes a Stand 
    • Allows larger and longer lenses to be used with the Pocket Cue
    • Mount Camera separately on a Tripod for faster Prompting to BRoll Vid

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    1. Quality Build Even for Smaller Productions

      Got the job done for my client, and it's extremely mobile even after setup. It takes me just a couple seconds to move it from the lens or off-camera, since it can also be attached to its own dedicated tripod/light stand. I needed a teleprompter within one day and within budget. Thankfully I live close by and they let me pick it up at their office in person. Solid build with quality materials. Quality customer service. Glass, metal, and strong magnets. Felt pretty confident that the metal frame wouldn't squeak or budge during my outdoor shoot. I was able to put it together my second time ever in front of the client and not look like I had no idea what I was doing. It would be awesome if this had its own compact hard case, since its size already makes it a great teleprompter on the go. on 24th Sep 2021

    2. Perfect for tight spaces

      The PocketCue is just right for my tiny folding desk. I’m using a Zoom Q2n-4K camera with external sound input and an iPhone 8s with PromptSmart Pro for my text. With a little practice, I was able to give a presentation at an academic conference the day after I got it, and I felt I could be much more dynamic than I usually would be trying to read a paper in a Zoom session. I’ll be using it for conference presentations and for the scripted portions of a monthly video program where I chat with guests about literary topics. on 2nd Mar 2021

    3. Great Teleprompter for iPhone 11 Pro Max

      This is by far the best teleprompter we've used for smartphones. We owned a cheaper smartphone teleprompter before this and the quality difference is huge. The glass is crystal clear on this unlike the plasticy one the parrot uses. This also folds down really small and fits into our camera case easily. Big upgrade from our last $99 prompter and well worth the extra money for what you get. on 23rd Jan 2021

  • Other Details

    Teleprompter Type: Smartphone
    Teleprompter Type: Standard Tripod Mounted
    Teleprompter Type: FreeStand
    Distance From Talent : Ft (Monitor Size : In): 8
    Distance From Talent : Ft (Monitor Size : In): iPad - 8
    Brightness (Monitor): Smartphone
    Brightness (Monitor): Standard (indoor use)
    Glass Shape: 16:9 WideScreen
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