Pocket Cue V3 - 4K 1800 NIT HDMI Monitor Model Teleprompter (Smartphone)

Pocket Cue V3 4K | 16:9 1800 NIT Monitor Model | Smartphone Teleprompter

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    Pocket Cue V3 | 1800 NIT 8" 16:9 WS 4K Monitor Model


    Pocket Cue V3 8" Widescreen 16:9 4K Monitor Model Quick Features

    The Pocket Cue V3 4K Monitor Model has an improved design and includes all of the standard smartphone mounting found in the Popular Pocket Cue V2 Models

    The 1800 NIT Monitor features 4K HDMI Loop Through and can display 1080p/1080i 180hz (1920 x 1080 180fps) | 4K 60HZ (4K 60FPS)

    NP Battery Operable for Prompting on the Go | Removable Back Sled and optional Freestanding Kit | Camera Back Sled | Monitor Front Sled | Smartphone Back Sled | Smartphone Front Sled included


    Pocket Cue V3 4K 1800 NIT Monitor Model

    In the Box

    • AC Power Cable
    • 4K 16:9 1800 NIT 8" Auto-Reversing Monitor with Flip button
    • Padded Carry Case for Pocket Cue V3 model
    • Configured Padded Carry Case for 4K Monitor
    • Improved Center Pedestal fitting the entire 4K Monitor in the Frame
    • Smartphone V2 Front Sled
    • Smartphone V3 Back Sled
    • Camera Mount V2 Back Sled
    • L-Bracket for Portrait Filming and Prompting
    • 4K Monitor Front Sled (Allowing Access to NP Batteries bays while Prompting)
    • Compatible with Sony NP Batteries for prompting on the go
    • 65/35 Optical Quality Beamsplitter Glass
    • Optional Freestanding Kit includes 1/4-20 to 5/8 (Baby Pin) Rapid Adapter and Durable and Compact Stand
    • TeleScroll Software (Scalable Prompting Software)
    • 3 year parts and labor warranty on hardware (1 year free extended warranty via extended warranty form)


    4K Monitor Specs

    • 1080p/1080i 180hz (180 FPS at 1920 x 1080)
    • 4K 60HZ (60 FPS at 4K)
    • HDMI 2.0 - Only use with Compatible HDMI cables 4K 60hz - using the wrong HDMI Cable can show no signal or flicker in signal
    • 1800 NIT Peak Brightness (Preset at 50% Brightness for indoor filming) - suggested use "Dark mode" in TeleScroll over 50% Brightness
    • NP Battery Operable with two NP Battery Bays
    • AC Adapter included (Edison Wall Wart)
    • TeleScroll Software Dongle included, Download Free at Request and Proof-of-Purchase
    • 1 year Warranty on Monitor (Extended Warranty 1 Year via extended warranty form)


    Add on Freestanding Kit Specs

    • Includes the complete Pocket Cue V3 4K Monitor Model and all included Accessories
    • Includes specialized stand for Prompting Freestanding Models that allows closer positioning of the Prompter when using Splitters, Dollies, or Pedestals
    • Includes 1/4-20 to 5/8 (Baby Pin) Rapid Adapter 
    • Includes Carry Case for Stand


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