ProLine Plus 12" 400 NIT Regular - 1000 NIT 3G-SDI | HDMI | 4-PIN XLR Locking Power | Side Inputs HB Prompting Monitor with a 15.6" RGB IPS Talent Monitor Panel 3G-SDI, HDMI Teleprompter

ProLine Plus 4:3 | 3G-SDI | Pro Talent Model Teleprompter Series

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    ProLine Plus Reimagined | 3G-SDI - HDMI | Talent Monitor Model Teleprompters

    12" - 15" -  17" - 19" American Made Broadcast Optical Quality Beamsplitter Glass

    The ProLine Plus Regular Talent Monitor Kit is an easy assembly upgrade to your ProLine Plus. You get all the same modular features of the Plus Models with an IPS Color Accurate 3G-SDI Talent Monitor


    Monitor HighLights

    The monitors are self-reversing and can display prompting with the included Pro Version PC and Mac software or use an app like PowerPoint, our monitors do the flip for you. PROLINE PLUS teleprompters ship pre-assembled, with wireless controller, Pro PC & Mac software on USB and a free download is available at no extra charge. 


    Modular HighLights

    Our exclusive sled design allows the camera rail to be quickly removed for easy storage and travel. The ProLine Plus models can be used either tripod mount or Freestanding just by removing the camera extrusion and adding a stand and adapter. A 15MM Block Adapter allows the ProLine Plus to convert to 15mm Rail Teleprompter in a few minutes. This makes the ProLine Plus 3 Teleprompters in one system (Sled Mount | Freestanding | 15mm Rail Mount)



    • Complete solution – nothing else to buy
    • Can be used tripod mount or Free Standing with adapter kit
    • Models available readable up to 30 feet
    • Self reversing monitor, HDMI, VGA and composite in
    • High Bright models have 3G-SDI 2 x Input 1 x Output, HDMI, composite, VGA inputs, and 4-PIN XLR Locking Power (Side inputs/outputs)
    • ProLine Plus 15" | 17" | 19" Trapezoidal (Studio) Glass and 16:9 24" WideScreen Models available HERE
    • ProLine Plus Tablet Travel Series Talent Models available HERE
    • Prompting Monitors: 1000 NIT High Bright Monitor Models 3G-SDI in/out | HDMI | VGA | Composite in/out on 12" | 15" | 17" | 19" 4:3 (Side Inputs)
    • Prompting Monitors: 400 NIT Regular Monitor Models HDMI | VGA | Composite on 12" | 15" | 17" | 19" 4:3
    • 65/35 Standard or 70/30 glass at Request
    • Included TeleScroll software and scroll controller
    • Easy and Tool-less Upgrade-able to 12/15/17/19/24 inch sizes
    • 1 x 3.5LB Counter Back Weight included (Additional Weights LINK)
    • Lowboy camera riser included
    • Dual Block Risers included
    • Wireless Remote Included
    • Configured Foam Included
    • Beamsplitter Glass Cleaning Kit Included
    • TeleScroll for PC or Flip-Q Pro for Mac included
    • 25' HDMI Cable included Free


    proline-sled-to-fs.gif The ProLine Plus features a Removable Back Sled that allows it to convert from a standard Sled Mount Teleprompter to a Freestanding or 15mm Rail Mount Model with Affordable Kits essential giving you 3 Teleprompters in 1



    (ALL PLUS KITS Work with ProLine Plus Talent Monitor Models)

    • Sled Kit Plus Model Here: Sled Kits
    • 15mm Kits Here: 15MM Kits
    • FreeStanding Kits Here PPLUS-FS-HD Highly Recommended Heavy Duty Lowboy Stands Recommended with a Freesandbag Talent Monitor Model Teleprompter properly setup for proper and safe use): FreeStanding Kits
    • Plus V-Mount Kit Pre-order here: Plus V-Mount Kit for Tablets/iPads and High Bright Monitors
    • ProLine Plus Glass + Monitor Upgrade or Downgrade Kits available here and take minutes to install with no tools needed (Take your Studio Prompter and convert it to a Travel Prompter or your Travel Prompter to.a Studio Prompter) at this LINK

    Quick Release Tripod Adapter Plate Allows Balancing while Mounted on Tripod 


    Talent Monitor Specs

    • 15.6" Signals 3G-SDI in | 3G-SDI out | HDMI in | VGA | Composite - RGB IPS Color Accurate Panel
    • 18.5" Signals 3G-SDI in | 3G-SDI out | HDMI in | VGA | Composite - RGB IPS Color Accurate Panel
    • 21.5" Signals 3G-SDI in | 3G-SDI out | HDMI in | VGA | Composite - RGB IPS Color Accurate Panel


    Prompting Monitor Specs  

    • 12" | 15" | 17” | 19" diagonal 
    • 17" - 19" 400 NIT Regular Monitor Ship with 3G-SDI | HDMI | VGA | BNC | 4-PIN XLR Locking Power Side Input
    • 17" - 19" 1000 NIT High Bright Monitor Ship with 3G-SDI | HDMI | VGA | BNC | 4-PIN XLR Locking Power Side Input
    • Built-in reversing
    • Side Inputs, 3G-SDI, VGA, HDMI 4-Pin XLR Power for Regular 400 NIT
    • Side Inputs, 3G-SDI, VGA, HDMI 4-Pin XLR Power for HighBright 1000 NIT
    • LED backlit 
    • AC adapter included, battery operable
    • Professional Prompting Software included Free | TeleScroll | Scalable Prompting Software (Multi-Viewer Prompting with no additional hardware or software)
    • TeleScroll comes standard, Flip-Q is available at Request in place of TeleScroll (Not suggested for anyone using an Apple Silicon or Windows 11 Device)
    • When using Prompter People Auto-Reversing monitors, you will not need to use the Flip Function in the flip Q Software.
    • When using a 3rd Party monitor you may need to use the Flip Function in the Flip Q Software



    ProLine Plus features a professional hood with both Variable Height and Angle Adjustments allowing any lens to be properly centered to the display whether it be Tablet or a Monitor small or large


    Travel Cases and Soft Carry Cases

    • All Models of Talent Monitor Teleprompters 12" | 15" | 17" | 19" including Studio/Trapezoidal Glass (HighBright and Regular) Ship with Preconfigured Laser Cut Foam for Travel
    • Large Soft Bag available Here
    • Travel - Flight Cases (Hard Cases) are an upgrade


    * Fast, easy setup and ultra adjustable * Supports any size camera from palmcorder to ENG * Money back guarantee and 3 year warranty
    The ProLine Plus teleprompter patent pending design utilizes custom aluminum extrusions for high strength, lightweight and tool-less setup and operation. The unique design offers perfect balance for any camera from a palmcorder to a full size ENG camera. The included monitor is self-reversing which eliminates the need for expensive external reversers or complicated reversing software. The monitor also offers a variety of inputs including VGA, composite and HDMI with High Bright monitors having HD-SDI, VGA and HDMI.  The lightweight LED displays are available in standard 400 NITS or 1000 NITS brightness.  Go bigger or smaller! The ProLine Plus Talent Monitor Model is modular and can be quickly and cost effectively converted to an iPad or 15/17/19 inch prompter for ultimate flexibility.

    • Beamsplitter: 65/35 is standard, 70/30 available as a no cost option
    • Ultra Clear, low iron glass eliminates color shift
    • Anti reflection coatings prevent glass reflections
    • Regular 400 NIT Auto Reversing Monitors HDMI, VGA, and Composite inputs
    • HighBright 1000 NIT Auto Reversing Prompting Monitors HD-SDI, HDMI, VGA, and Composite - Side Inputs
    • LED backlit
    • Monitors from 12" to 24", Standard 400 NIT or High Bright 1000 NIT
    • 17" High Bright Flip Button Added (Coming to all models)
    • Talent Monitors 15.6" | 18.5" | 21.5" | 24" models 400 NIT 3G-SDI, HDMI, VGA & Composite inputs feature RGB IPS Color Accurate Panels
    • Talent Monitors 18.5" | 21.5" | 24" models 1000 NIT 3G-SDI, HDMI, VGA & Composite Side Inputs - Best Suited for Outdoor Use
    • AC adapter included, battery operable
    • Ultra adjustable
    • Glass folds flat for quick setup and breakdown
    • Can be used tripod mount, 15mm Rods, or Free Standing with adapter kit
    • Tripod mount, and balance
    • Moveable tripod adapter plate allows solid support for large or small cameras
    • 1.5" and 3" Dual Block Riser System with the LowBoy allows any camera to be mounted to the perfect height from small mirrorless and DSLR to large broadcast and cinema cameras.
    • 1 x 3.5 LB Modular Counterweight Included
    • Adjustable height/angle glass/hood assembly
    • Upgrade monitor or beamsplitter glass size effortlessly
    • iPad (Tabgrabber Pro | Tablet Holder bracket needed)
    • iPad Travel Talent Monitors available here: LINK
    • 12/15/17/19/24 inch Monitor and Glass Upgrade Kits LINK
    • Controllers: wired Shuttle Cue Lite, Foot Pedal
    • For Extra Large Setups (Camera + Lens Length that exceeds the standard sled size) Prompter People offers extra long sled kits at this LINK


    ProLine Plus | Reimagined | Video Manual




    • Pro version PC and Mac software included with monitor based models
    • Newsroom software available
    • TeleScroll software available for iPad upgrade


    Shop ProLine Talent Monitor | Tripods | Pedestals

    ProLine Plus Talent Monitor Kits and Talent Monitor Models


    Tripod and Teleprompter + Camera Support

     *Ensure the Teleprompter is properly balanced and locked off when not in use*

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    Teleprompter Type: Standard Tripod Mounted
    Teleprompter Type: Talent Monitor
    Monitor Size: 12
    Monitor Size: 15
    Monitor Size: 17
    Monitor Size: 19
    Brightness: Standard (indoor use)
    Brightness: HighBright
    Glass Shape: Standard Rectangular
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