ProLine Plus 12 inch iPad | TABLET with 15.6 inch iPad Talent Monitor Teleprompter

ProLine Plus Tablet | Travel Talent Teleprompter Model

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    ProLine Plus 12" Tablet Teleprompter - iPad Pro | Surface Pro

    Proline Plus iPAD teleprompters are ultra adjustable with easy, tool-less control of camera and monitor position. A Talent Monitor, Talent Monitor Bracket and Counter Weight. Tabgrabber Pro designed to fit all iPads including the iPad Pro, and Surface Models including the Surface Pro up to 12.9" in diagonal display size. Self-contained prompting with no need to connect to a laptop.



    ProLine Plus iPad Removable Sled

    ProLine Plus Teleprompters feature the same patent pending Removable Sled that makes it fully modular to adapt to Rail-Mount or Freestanding with an easy upgradeable conversion kit. 
    Choose Sled Mount Base or Freestanding base and start building your kit from there!
    The removable sled mount also allows the ProLine Plus iPad to break down to half the size of our legacy ProLine Model making it more compact for storage and transit.
    • Removable Sled
    • Modular Design
    • 15mm Rail Mount Kit
    • Sled Mount Kit
    • More Compact for Storage
    • More Compact for Portability


    In the Box

    • Configured Foam included custom fit to protect the ProLine Plus Teleprompter (Does not fit the Talent Monitor Kit)
    • V-Mount Kit - Keep your Tablet Powered with a compatible V-Mount and Cable (OEM Cables Recommended) 
    • Hood, Front Sled, Back Sled, Optional 15mm Block, and FreeStanding Adapter made with Durable Aluminum built to last
    • Hood Folds, Back Sled Removes for Compact Storage
    • Dual Riser Block 1.5" and 3" Adjustable Distance and Height
    • 1 x 3.5LB Modular | Stackable Counterweight
    • LowBoy Camera Sliding and Locking Mount
    • 12" works with all iPads including the iPad Pro and all Surfaces including the Surface Pro models - will work with tablets up to 12.9" in Size
    • 12" 3G-SDI HighBright Monitor Models Prompting Model features side inputs for power and signal
    • 15.6" | 18.5" Talent Monitor Kit 
    • 15mm Kit Includes Base Sled Model and all Accessories + 15mm Rail Mount Adapter Block


    Talent Monitor Kit 

    • Talent Monitor Bracket
    • 1 x 3.5lb Modular | Stackable Counter Weight for Talent Monitor Kit
    • Talent Monitor 15.6" | 18.5" | 21.5" 400 NIT Regular - 3G-SDI | HDMI (RBG IPS Panel) with Accurate Color - Confidence Monitor
    • Talent Monitor 15.6" | 18.5" | 21.5" 1000 NIT High Bright | Side Inputs - 2 x 3G-SDI in | 1 x 3G - SDI Out | 2 x Composite in/out | HDMI - Confidence Monitor (Special Order)


    V-Mount Kit Included

    • Connect your V-Mount Battery to power the Talent Monitor or Tablet with your V-Mount battery
    • OEM Cables are recommended for Tablets
    • Mountable to the front, back, or talent sled.
    • Does not included V-Mount Battery or Cable


    Software Features:

    • Tablet Models require software to be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store - Prompter People TeleScroll is Supported by Prompter People
    • Tablet Models do not include Free Software - Prompter People supports TeleScroll available on both the Google Play and Apple App Store
    • Monitor Models include Free Software - TeleScroll
    • Monitor Models include Free Software via a USB-C / USB Dongle and one download license per Monitor Based Teleprompter
    • TeleScroll scalable professional prompting software designed for both regular prompting and prompting with additional apps
    • TeleScroll for iOS and Android is available on the App Store at this LINK
    • TeleScroll Smartphone Remote Free Download at this LINK


    Talent Monitor Details

    • 15.6" diagonal 16:9
      • 3G-SDI | HDMI | Composite | Front/Back inputs | Auto Reversing | 16:9 Regular 400 NIT - Color Accurate RGB IPS Panel
    • 18.5" diagonal 16:9
      • 3G-SDI | HDMI | Composite | Front/Back inputs | Auto Reversing | 16:9 Regular 400 NIT - Color Accurate RGB IPS Panel
    • 18.5" diagonal 16:9
      • 3G-SDI in/out | HDMI | Composite in/out | HDMI | Side inputs Auto Reversing | 4-Pin XLR Power | 16:9 High Bright 1000 NIT
    • 21.5" diagonal 16:9
      • HDMI | Composite | VGA | Front/Back inputs | Auto Reversing | 4:3 Regular 400 NIT - Color Accurate RGB IPS Panel
    • 21.5" diagonal 16:9
      • 3G-SDI in/out | HDMI | Composite in/out | HDMI | Side inputs Auto Reversing | 4-Pin XLR Power | 16:9 High Bright 1000 NIT
    • LED backlit 
    • 15.6" | 18.5" | 21.5" REG 400 NIT RGB LED IPS Color Accurate Panel
    • 1000 NIT Monitors for Outdoor use - Not Color Accurate for Confidence Monitoring Only
    • AC adapter included, battery operable via Gold or V-Mount to D-Tap 4-PIN XLR or D-Tap to Regular Monitor power input - V-Mount mounting Plates Here - 4-PIN XLR D-Tap Cables Here


    Partial Product Highlights

    • Fast, easy setup
    • Supports any size camera from palmcorder, ENG, Cinema Cameras, Ursa Mini, Ursa, RED, Mirrorless, DSLR and Box Cameras
    • Easily readable to over 12 feet
    • Fits iPAD and other tablets up to 12.9"
    • Soft Padded Carry Case Included for free (Limited offer) for 12, 15, 17, & 19" 4:3 models
    • Upgradable to 11, 15, 17, 19, and 24 inch monitor sizes
    • Upgrade to Auto-Reversing Regular Monitor or High Bright Monitor


    Soft Case / Travel Kits 

    1. ProLine Plus iPad Teleprompters include Ships in Configured Foam made to fit and drag and drop in one of Prompter People's Travel Cases
    2. Flight Cases (Hard Cases) are an upgrade


    ProLine PLUS iPad Teleprompter KITS

    • Sled Kit - Includes Back sled, low boy, and dual block risers (1.5" and 3") 
    • 15mm Kit - includes 15mm Block for attaching 15mm Rails (Rails and Camera Cage not included)
    • 15mm Kit - includes 15mm Rail Block 
    • Freestanding Kits are Special Order



    ProLine Plus features a professional hood with both Variable Height and Angle Adjustments allowing any lens to be properly centered to the display whether it be Tablet or a Monitor small or large


    The Proline iPAD teleprompter patent-pending design utilizes custom aluminum extrusions for high strength, featuring lightweight and tool-less setup and operation. The unique design offers perfect balance for any size camera - from a palmcorder to a full size ENG camera. The universal iPAD bracket fits all models of iPADs and many Droid tablets. The Flex iPAD teleprompter can be quickly and cost effectively converted to an iPad or to a 12, 17, 19, or 24 inch prompter for ultimate flexibility.

    Rails, Tripod, iPad and iPad app not included. Multiple teleprompter apps are available on the App Store, due to apple polices apps must be purchased from the app store (PRO-iPad).

    • Beamsplitter: 65/35 is standard, 70/30 available as a no-cost option
    • Beamsplitter size 11.5”x 11.5”  (14" Diagonal)
    • Hood size 12" x 12" 
    • Ultra clear, low-iron glass eliminates color shift
    • Anti-reflection coatings prevent glass reflections
    • Tool-less design
    • Camera position adjustable
    • Camera Riser Blocks for Adjusting Sled Mount Height
    • Hood Adjustable Height and Angle
    • Hood Folds Flat + Removable Back Sled for compact Transit and Storage
    • Tablet | iPad position adjustable
    • Tripod mount and balance adjustable
    • Glass/Hood assembly Upgradability
    • 12,
    • Upgrade Monitor and Beamsplitter Glass Kits | 15, 17, 19, and 24 inch (glass assembly and monitor needed) Turn your Travel Talent Monitor into a Studio Talent Monitor in Minutes | LINK
    • Controllers: wireless, wired, foot
    • TeleScroll available on the App Store and Google Play Store
    • Bluetooth controller included for Telescroll


    Shop ProLine Plus Kits | Talent Monitors | Tripods | Pedestals | Travel Kits

    Plus Kits



    proline-sled-to-fs.gif The ProLine Plus features a Removable Back Sled that allows it to convert from a standard Sled Mount Teleprompter to a Freestanding or 15mm Rail Mount Model with Affordable Kits essential giving you 3 Teleprompters in 1


    ProLine Plus Talent Monitor Kits and Talent Monitor Models


    Tripod and Teleprompter + Camera Support

     *Ensure the Teleprompter is properly balanced and locked off when not in use*




    Universally and Easily adjust to fit any size iPad, Surface, and Tablets up to 12.9" in display size.



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  • Other Details

    Teleprompter Type: Standard Tripod Mounted
    Teleprompter Type: Talent Monitor
    Teleprompter Type: iPad | Tablet
    Teleprompter Type: 15mm Rail Mount
    Brightness (Monitor): iPad n/a
    Glass Shape: Standard Rectangular
    Distance From Talent : Ft (Monitor Size : In): 12
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