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Prompter Pal Pro - Tablet | iPad Pro | Surface Pro | Smart Phone | Portable Affordable Teleprompter

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    Prompter Pal Pro - Tablet | iPad Pro | Surface Pro | Smart Phone | Portable Affordable Teleprompter


    Prompter Pal Pro 12" Professional Tablet, Smart Phone Teleprompter

    Foldable, Affordable and Professional Teleprompter for shooting with everything from iPhones, DSLR, Mirrorless, Cinema Camera's and More.

    12" Models work with all iPad & Surfaces or tablets up to 12.9" in display size. Software included with Monitor based models.

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    • Soft Bag Included
    • Hood, Front Sled, Back Sled, 15mm Block, and FreeStanding Adapter made with Durable Aluminum built to last. 
    • Top Mounting Bracket 4 1/4-20" Thread Mounting for Microphones, Lighting, Monitors, and More.
    • iPhone Adapter Included (Works with all models iPhone and Androids, Cell Phones for shooting) 
    • Hood Folds, Back Sled Removes for Compact Storage
    • 10" or 12" High Low-Iron American Made 65/35 BeamSplitter Glass
    • 10" works with all iPads, Surfaces and Tablets up-to 10.9" in Size
    • 12" works with all iPads including the iPad Pro and all Surfaces including the Surface Pro models - will work with tablets up to 12.9" in Size


    Base Models include:

    • Sled Mount (Does not include Freestanding Kit or 15mm Rail Mount Kit) 
    • FreeStanding (Does not include Sled Kit or 15mm Rail Mount Kit) 
    • 15MM Rail Mount (Does not include Freestanding Kit or 15mm Rail Mount Kit)
    • iPad | Tablet Models include TabGrabber Pro Tablet Holder
    • Sled Kit Plus Model Here: Sled Kits | 15mm Kits Here: 15MM Kits | FreeStanding Kits Here: FreeStanding Kits
    • Desktop Teleprompter Model (Includes Desktop Stand, Mouse, and Flip-Q-Pro Software) Shop Desktop Here
    • 12" Desktop Teleprompter Monitor models include a mouse, and iPhone adapter. Shoot from home for Teleconferencing, Streaming, or Skype on your Desktop
    • 8" Monitor Model - HDMI, VGA, Composite | Auto-Reversing Monitor | Includes TeleScroll ($249 Value) Free USB Dongle and Download License
    • 10" Model $499 - fits all models Tablets and iPads up to 10.9" 
    • 12" Model $599 - fits all models Tablets and iPads up to 12.9" in size including the iPad Pro and Surface Pro
    • 12" Regular 400 NIT Auto-Reversing Monitors include HDMI, VGA, Composite inputs
    • 12" HighBright 1000 NIT Auto-Reversing Monitors include 3G-SDI, HDMI, VGA, and Composite inputs
    • Includes Prompter People's BlueTooth Smart Remote Free
    • Includes new Dual Block Riser System Free
    • All Monitor based 12" models include Software for Mac or PC on a Dongle (To move software from multiple computers without needing additional Licensing Software) and direct download with a single license key.
    • Additional Download and License included for Free at Request (You'll also keep the dongle in working order) so you'll get 2 working versions of the software.
    • All new Prompter People TeleScroll for Mac works with Apple Silicon and Intel based systems | Compatible with all PC (2010 and newer) For Legacy Computers and software please request Flip-Q at Purchase
    • Legacy systems require older models of Flip-Q please specify if you need an older 16 BIT mac (Tell us which OS you'll be running) on your order notes, as well as if you need Flip-Q for PC.
    • Flip-Q for PC works on all models PC up-to Windows 10 or Higher.
    • 10" and 12" All Tablet Based Models include the smaller Soft Bag with 1 Large Front Pocket and Configured Padding
    • 12" Monitor Based Models includes the larger Padded Soft Bag with 2 Front Pockets and 1 Side Pocket
    • *Desktop Model does not include Mouse Pad, or KeyBoard.
    • Monitor Models (HighBright and Regular) Ship with Preconfigured Laser Cut Foam for Travel


    Software Features:

    • Tablet Models require software to be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
    • Tablet Models do not include Free Software - Prompter People supports TeleScroll available on both the Google Play and Apple App Store
    • Monitor Models include Free Software - TeleScroll
    • Monitor Models include Free Software via a USB-C / USB Dongle and one download license per Monitor Based Teleprompter
    • TeleScroll scalable professional prompting software designed for both regular prompting and prompting with additional apps


    Kits are available for any base model

    Sled Kit Plus Model Here: Sled Kits

    15mm Kits Here: 15MM Kits

    FreeStanding Kits Here: FreeStanding Kits


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    1. Beyond Excellent Customer Service

      I made the decision to venture into creating short videos for branding purposes, but I quickly encountered a frustrating problem. Whenever I read off cue cards, my eyes were visibly shifting back and forth, hindering the smooth delivery of my content. Determined to overcome this obstacle, I embarked on the challenge of setting up my own mock studio, complete with the necessary equipment, including a Teleprompter.

      Admittedly, I was apprehensive about taking on this task since I had no prior experience in this field. Nonetheless, I decided to proceed, and I must say that my experience with the Prompter people has been nothing short of exceptional! Notably, the customer service provided, the valuable guidance and recommendations offered prior to my purchase, and the ongoing support I received during the setup process were truly outstanding.

      Paolo Cruz, the gentleman who assisted me throughout this journey, deserves special recognition. His level of support and responsiveness to my every query surpassed my expectations. I cannot emphasize enough how valuable he is to Prompter People. I am unsure of his exact title within the company, but his dedication and commitment make him appear as if he were an owner. This man deserves a raise…Well done!

      Overall, I am incredibly satisfied with my Teleprompter purchase and the entire experience with Prompter People. The Prompter Pal Pro has significantly improved my video production, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in need of professional teleprompting equipment.
      on 27th Jun 2023

    2. Big Upgrade in Software

      Hardware is great but the software I originally got was tough to use. We found out that they have a new software telescroll and because we had purchased recently we were given a free upgrade. on 8th Nov 2022

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    A MUST HAVE TELEPROMPTER for a serious film maker | PrompterPeople Prompter Pal Pro

    Full review of an amazing PrompterPeople Prompter Pal Pro Teleprompter. This is a serious professional studio teleprompter for a serious film makers. Check out why this is my number one choice. #teleprompter #PrompterPeople #review PrompterPeople (not an affiliate link): Prompter Pal Pro Line (not an affiliate link): Music from Epidemic Sound. Get your FREE 30 day trial now: ---------- Buy me a coffe: ----------- "I shoot people for a living" & "GEEK" T-Shirts and apparel: US Shop: UK Shop: ------------ Gear I use to make my YouTube videos with (affiliate links): Amazon US: Amazon UK: I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. ----------- Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:
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    Teleprompter Type: Standard Tripod Mounted
    Teleprompter Type: FreeStand
    Teleprompter Type: 15mm Rail Mount
    Teleprompter Type: iPad | Tablet
    Monitor Size: 10
    Monitor Size: 12
    Monitor Size: iPad - 10
    Monitor Size: iPad - 12
    Brightness (Monitor): iPad n/a
    Brightness (Monitor): HighBright
    Brightness (Monitor): Standard (Indoor use)
    Glass Shape: Standard Rectangular
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