Prompter People in use at the Herald Tribune Bloomington Indiana

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customer David Snodgrass has been using Prompter People prompters for a number of years.  "We’re a small community newspaper in a town with a major university that we cover intensely, especially the athletic teams. This fall we started an OTT channel for Indiana University sports on Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon. The programming includes daily sports briefs presented by the newspapers sports editors as well as longer pieces on the major sports stories of the week. We record these in the newspapers photography studio, which we adapted for video use with new lights and repainting a wall behind the backdrop to incorporate green-screen effects when desired.

All of this has been designed and operated by our three staff photographers, primarily oriented to still newspaper photojournalism, but we’ve been adapting new technology in various forms for the past 25 years.

When we first started the talking heads sports reports, the “talent” would stutter and stumble, requiring re-takes and careful editing.

With the addition of the teleprompter, they now breeze through their script smoothly — and usually with just one recording, making all of us happier."