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Cal Hi Sports field prompting

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Cal Hi Sports is a long time customer of Prompter People, they use the prompters on location indoor and out for local sports programming on Comcast in the SF Bay Area, one of the US's major markets. Robert Braunstein is the Executive Producer and CoHost of CalhiSports Bay Area, they air every Sunday night at 6pm and 10pm on Comcast Sports Network, Robert states:

"The prompters work great, they are light weight, they are portable, and the software for the computer and the teleprompter is really great. The Flip-Q software works really well, it prompts smoothly without fault, and that's really important when you're relying on a teleprompter for live broadcasting."

"The PrompterPeople teleprompters are reliable, and professional, they help us to film a show that would have taken hours upon hours, with infinite amount of takes, memorization of lines and scripts, into a one hour process."

"Our Prompter People Teleprompters are some of the most important pieces of equipment on set, it's helped our program grow faster and produce more professional broadcasts."





Prompter People in use at the Herald Tribune Bloomington Indiana

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